The weeks and months seem to fly by faster each year. It’s February and that means we need to start preparing the soil and environment to set up our warm season Bermuda turf for success. It is time to fertilize the winter turf one last time with one pound of actual nitrogen. We recommend using a fertilizer that has nitrate nitrogen in it.


If you experienced weeds in your summer turf last season, now is the time to apply pre-emergent to your turf areas. You can do so with a liquid or a granular product; applying it at the rate provided on the label. Please check your local distributor for applicable products for your property. If you have any pest problems, March is also a good time to apply pesticides for grubs and other pest in the turf. Please visit your local pesticide provider for available options and directions for application.


Lastly, around March 15th it will be time to start slowly lowering the mower height to get ready for the transition from the winter turf to the summer turf. As the temperatures rise we need to lower mow heights to allow the light and heat down to the soil and the dormant Bermuda.


Following these steps will ensure you are prepared for the waking of your Bermuda turf and ready to have a green lush lawn this summer!